During Covid-19, I was disappointed in the amount of exhibitions that were being postponed in a time when we need engaging and visually stimulating education the most. Hence, Bodies to Bytes was born; a proposed online exhibition exploring the ability of DNA to store digital data.

In the digital age, and during the current pandemic, we are producing more digital data than ever before and this comes with issues. DNA data storage proposes real and sustainable solutions, however many people don’t realise it exists. This is why such an exhibition needs to take place; for progress and for accessibility to engaging education.

The brand toolkit includes a bespoke typeface, drawing influence from circular forms and hinting at the geometric form of a vesica pisces (symbolising the coming together of two seemingly unrelated ideas, DNA and data). On the other hand, the visual identity for the exhibition takes inspiration from the organic nature of biological cells and contrasts this with the rigid sequencing of digital data.Animation helps to further this idea about the movement of data from one place to another.


︎Web design: how the branding translates to create a consistent and engaging online exhibition experience

︎Social Media Promotion

︎Outdoor Animated Posters

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