For my degree show ‘Flipside’,at Manchester School
of Art, I was asked to respond to the brief ‘what does
Flipside mean to you?’.

Flipside to me represents a shift in attention. In my four years at MSoA I’ve looked outwards; celebrating, learning, and taking inspiration from other designers and feeding this into my work. However, in looking outwards so much, I’ve often forgot to look inwards; to celebrate my own
work as well as everyone else’s, and to inspire as much
as I am being inspired. Flipside to me represents a
moment in time to flip the telescope and shift attention 
to me, the ‘student’, as well as you the ‘professionals’ (whatever that means). The degree show is a place where
I am looking at you, and you are looking at me, possibly
for the first time.

︎ @flipside.mcr

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