PG was a collaborative publication between Erin Jones, Shannon Wootton, and myself. The brief was to create a publication that gave a sense of a place, our team was tasked with the space of a playground.Upon initial thoughts, playgrounds bring bright visuals, childhood naivity and fun. However, we felt that this route was built on cliches of what we thought a playground was; instead we decided to revisit these areas as adults and give a truer representation of the space.

As such our publication explores the discomfort and awkwardness of revisiting playgrounds as an adult; with no children to look after, we found ourselves awkwardly exploring the structures we were too big for, as well as coming across the harsh realities of an environment that ironically wasn’t appropriate for children.As we’ve matured, what does this new, realistic and perhaps more cycnical perspecitive bring compared to childhood perspectives? This is what our publication explores.

This project features lots of art direction, photography and image making. I’ve included parts of that process below.

Shannon: @shannon_from_admin

Slideshow of example spreads︎︎︎

Details/Close ups︎︎︎

Image Making︎︎︎

Photography and art direction︎︎︎

Film Photography︎︎︎

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